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The Psychological Services offered at Unified Health & Wellness are focused on helping our patients regain access to the parts of themselves they've been feeling out of touch with.

Psychological Services

The psychological treatment offered by Unified Health and Wellness focuses on diagnosis through the assessment of patient symptoms and improving those symptoms through ongoing medication management. At the completion of your initial visit, your doctor will offer you a diagnosis based on assessment and prescribe the medication they feel will best treat your symptoms. They will also schedule an appropriately timed follow-up visit to see how the medication is working for you. In many cases, additional medications may be needed to be taken in unison to work with each patients unique needs and chemistry. This additional medication is often prescribed at the second visit. Giving your body a chance to adjust slowly to each medication on their own.

We treat:



Bipolar Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


Schizophrenia & Other Psychotic Disorders

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Adjustment Disorder

Neurocognitive Disorders

Somatic Symptom Disorders


Genetic Testing

Genetic testing is a powerful tool used in modern medicine for a variety of things including the efficacy of different mental health medications on individual patients. Our doctors can provide the necessary referral for patients interested in genetic testing. Ask your doctor about it during your next visit and click below for more information on GeneSight

Looking for Therapy?

While Unified Health & Wellness does not currently offer therapy, we happily refer patients to our in-office therapy partner, Jason Foley of Integrative Health Network. You can learn about him at this link below.